Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take Three Tuesday Hop

I've joined Sarah's Blog of Fun on the 
Hop along with me to increase your followers or find a few new blogs!

It seems I've hit a "following limit" on twitter and cannot follow any more twitter pages until I get an "undisclosed" number of followers for my account (http://www.twitter.com/jljmommy).  Hopefully this will help bump up my twitter followers numbers so that I can follow more twitter pages.  As of today, I am following 2001 pages and have 447 followers.  Personally I think this is a stupid arbitrary limit imposed by the makers of twitter, but what can I do?  I've thought about making another twitter account, but that seems like cheating to me, so I guess I'm stuck playing by their rules and gaining more followers of my own so I can follow more great companies and bloggers via twitter. 

If you leave a comment, I'll follow back, except for twitter due to aforementioned problem.



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