Monday, October 4, 2010

Cloth Diaper Safe Detergents

One of the first questions I had about Cloth Diapers was, "How do I wash them?"  Followed immediately by "Do I need a special (special = expensive?) detergent?"  Well, here is what I've learned...

Cloth Diapers do need to be washed with detergent that is free of optical brighteners, fabric softeners, and bleach.  The most inclusive list of detergents that I've been able to find can be found here: Diaper Jungle Detergent Chart.

I've tried bumGenius Diaper Detergent and Rockin Green Soap and like both.  I also have a few samples from Ruby Moon Natural Laundry Wash and Lulu's Glamour Wash

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  1. We really like Allens Naturally! :) I think I usually buy it through Cotton Babies since they offer free shipping with a certain $ purchase.